Guadalajara, Mexico, 1970

He integrates concepts from mysticism, as well as science and quantum physics, into his practice, addresses topics such as spatial dimensions, perception and the evolution of consciousness, as well as the concept of time. He has shown his work personally and collectively in places like Matadero, in Madrid, Spain, at the Armory Center for the Arts, in Pasadena CA, USA, En Arte Il Faro, in Vigevano, Italy, at the International Video Art Festival, Sala Mendoza in Caracas, Venezuela, at the CDMX Carrillo Gil Art Museum, at the Raúl Anguiano Art Museum, and at the Cabañas Museum, among others.

He is a founding member of the Jalarte A.I. (Jalisco Arte Irregular Association), was director and founder of the inn-box project (2001-07), is founder of the Artere-a contemporary art project (2014-18), and is a founding member of the project One, one, one with headquarters in Vienna.

He currently lives and works in Guadalajara.